The Laundry Butler - Clothes Drying Rack Hangers for Laundry - 5 Extendable Cascading Hangers & Accessories for Draping, Flat Drying, Line Drying of Clothes and Laundry - Laundry Room Deluxe

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Brand: Mr. Laundry


  • 👚 VERSATILE DRYING RACK FOR ALL GARMENTS - The innovative design of our extendable cascading hangers combines all 3 types of air-drying; draping, flat drying, and line drying so you can take optimal care of all your clothes easily and effectively. Ideal for delicates, shirts and sweaters short or long sleeve garments that can't be dried in a conventional dryer.
  • 👚 TAKE FLAT DRYING VERTICAL AND SAVE SPACE- No need to flip your clothes to dry both sides. AIR-DRY without unwanted creases or shoulder bumps and your clothes will be smooth and ready to wear. Say goodbye to your old clothes drying rack that takes a lot of space, and switch to the laundry butler drying rack hangers that will take no space in your home.
  • 👚 HANG DRY CLOTHING ANYWHERE YOU WANT- Completely portable clothes drying rack, use the over the door hook and cascade them together on the back of any door. Increase your storage space and decrease the clutter in your laundry room using the patented cascading hooks while air drying your clothes and hanging them all at the same time easily and quickly.
  • 👚 SAVE SPACE, SAVE TIME, AND SAVE MONEY- Laundry Butler's clothes drying system for energy savings and gentle drying will help preserve the life of your clothes, helping your clothes look newer longer. The long-term energy cost saved from utilizing this air-drying system will pay for this rack many times over. Good for your wallet and good for our environment.
  • 👚 YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 PRIORITY: This set includes 5 Mr. Laundry telescoping garment hangers, 5 garment rods, 10 collar stays, 20 click-IT clips, 1 storage bag, 1 Mr. Laundry continuous spray mister bottle, and 1 DELUXE over-the-door-hook. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, please contact us and we'll do our utmost to make sure that are a happy customer.

Publisher: Mr. Laundry

Details: The Laundry Butler - 5 Hanger Deluxe Set - 5 Extendable Telescopic Arm Clothing Hangers and Accessories

Mr. Laundry has been in the clothing care business for 20+ years.
Started as a simple prototype in a garage, Mr. Laundry has grown over the years and developed a full line of innovative hangers which eliminate the need for multiple racks, hangers, and air-drying shelves. The Laundry Butler does it all!

Your reliable companion for hanging garments

- Prevent your delicates from excessive wear and tear from washing
- Avoid unwanted shrinkage
- Protects your clothes from fading
- Get rid of unwanted shoulder bumps due to improper drying
- Clear up the clutter from your laundry room

Included in this set:

- 5 extendable Laundry Butler hangers 12" by 39" extend up to 72"
- 1 Deluxe over the door hook for maximum separation and faster drying times.
- 5 garment rods
- 10 collar stays
- 20 click-IT clips
- Mr. Laundry continuous fine spray mister bottle
- 1 Storage Bag

Other Sets Available by Mr. Laundry

Laundry Butler 3 Hanger Essentials Set- includes 3 hangers, 1 over the door hook, 3 garment rods, 10 patented "click-IT clips", plus 6 patented collar stays
Laundry Butler 5 Hanger Basic Set- includes 5 hangers and 1 over the door hook

Our Promise:

If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, please contact us and we'll do our absolutely utmost to make sure you are a happy customer.
We stand behind the quality of our products and we are dedicated to our outstanding customer service.

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