The Great American Hanger Company Heavy Duty Black Plastic Suit Hanger with Fixed Bar, (Box of 100) Sturdy 1/2 Inch Thick Coat Hangers with Square Topped Chrome Swivel Hook

  • $86.00
  • Save $35.26


Brand: The Great American Hanger Company

Color: Black, Box of 100


  • Curved Design Preserves Your Clothing by Mimicking the Natural Slope of Your Shoulders
  • 360 degree chrome swivel hook makes hanging you garments easy
  • Rugged Heavy-Duty Black Plastic will Bend Before it Breaks
  • Locking bar securly holds your pants in place
  • Perfect uniform storage solution for marching bands and businesses

Publisher: The Great American Hanger Company

Details: These strong, smooth-structured curved top hangers feature a polished steel swivel hook and space-saving body made of heavy-duty plastic. The curved form of these hangers mimics the shape of the body and helps to preserve the integrity of your garments. These high-quality, low cost hangers are manufactured to last you for a lifetime.