Superbpag Office 5 in 1 Desk Organizer Set Gold- Letter Sorter, Pencil Holder, Stick Note Holder, Hanging File Organizer and Letter Tray

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Brand: Superbpag

Color: Gold


  • Package:1 pencil cup,1 letter sorter,1 letter tray,1 hanging file organizer and 1 stick note holder
  • Fashionable color to make your desk, counter and dresser shiny
  • Smooth streamlined design, electroplating processes to prevent corrosion while the round edge design to prevent scratches
  • Made of durable metal, thickened, more sturdy
  • Perfect for organizing papers,files,mails, letters, folders and pen at home or in the office

Publisher: York

Major design and product details:

1.durable metal material: carefully selected metal material, sturdy and moisture-proof

2.electroplating technology: elaborate electroplating processes, abrasion resistance and corrosion-resistant, will not rust with time

3.round edge design: reinforced with solid metal base and solid edging along bottom and top rim, and round edge design to prevent scratches.

4.Shiny color, noble and elegant, perfect for your desk, counter or dresser at home or in the office

Product dimensions:
pen holder: 3.2*3.2*4.1 inch
sticky note holder: 3.9*3.9*3.2 inch
letter sorter: 6.3*4.8*4.3 inch
letter tray: 9.8*12*2 inch
hanging file organizer: 12.7*5.3*9.3 inch

1 pen holder
1 sticky note holder
1 letter sorter
1 letter tray
1 hanging file organizer

Package Dimensions: 13.2 x 10.4 x 6.3 inches