Prudance Small Round S Shaped Stainless Steel Hanging Hooks Set with 10 Hooks - Ideal for Pots, Pans, Spoons & Other Kitchen Essentials - Perfect for Clothing

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Brand: Prudance

Color: Silver


  • Measurements Small side2 and quarter cm Large side 2 and half cm Hook ends are round not pointed For added safety Stainless steel shiny silver tone finish
  • Perfect For PotRacks and Ceiling Dryers Instant storage for hanging anything in your kitchen closet workshop or garage
  • Because these are stainless steel they can be used anywhere you need them If you want to use them in your closet office workshop garage shed or barn you dont have to worry about rust or any other corrosion problems
  • You want something unobtrusive and stylish without having to sacrifice the sleek look of your dream kitchen These are very sharp looking S hooks that you can match up to just about anything in your home and make it look like the modern space you planned on
  • Imagine being able to organize everything in your household and in your life Imagine organizing your kitchen so that utensils and gadgets are hung up on the inside of cabinets and not piled in a drawer somewhere or stuffed into a difficult to search container Once you have these in hand you will come up with hundreds of ideas of how you can become more organized and do more with the time that you have

Publisher: Prudance

Details: Running out of space in your kitchen, closet, workshop or garage? With the Prudance Small Round S Shaped Stainless Steel Hanging Hook Set, you can store more items in any room and keep things you use frequently within easy reach. The Prudance Small Round S Shaped Stainless Steel Hanging Hooks make it possible to hang items virtually anywhere. They're the perfect solution for organizing: - Pots and pans - Cooking utensils - Tools - Towels - Clothing - Hats - Gloves - Scarves - Handbags - Laundry - And much, much more To ensure that the Prudance Small Round S Shaped Stainless Steel Hanging Hooks can be hung on hooks, bars, rods and rails of different sizes, these hooks have a two-sided design. One side has a 2.5-centimeter hook, while the other features a 2.5-centimeter hook, giving you the freedom to use either end to secure the hardware in place. Crafted out of heavy-duty stainless steel, the hooks in the Prudance Small Round S Shaped Stainless Steel Hanging Hook Set are ultra strong and able to hold their shapes without bending. The metal is corrosion and rust resistant, so you can use it in damp laundry rooms and in workshops and garages without worry. A highly polished silver finish adds modern style to any room. Sold in a set of 10, the Prudance Small Round S Shaped Stainless Steel Hanging Hook Set is guaranteed to help you get every space in your home organized. The set makes a great practical gift for any occasion, and there are no sharp points to ensure safety.

Package Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.4 x 0.4 inches

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I don't see why not. No sharp edges to worry about. 
By Carol S. Berton on August 30, 2018
No. These hooks are made on an angle, just like shown. There's no way to nail them into a wall. They're meant to hang onto a rod, and only to hold things like pots and pans. 
By vegas92(AnyGoodBook) Top Contributor: Crochet on August 30, 2018
They are designed to hang from a pole. Once you’ve done that, what you hang on the other end is up to you. 
By Tree Hugger on August 31, 2018
I don’t think so. They are not truly S shaped. The top curve is a little under an inch from the long, almost straight bar that runs down to the larger section of the opposing, hook, which is almost an inch and a quarter from the bar. Hope that is not too confusing. 
By Gail on August 31, 2018
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Mine are 1" hooks great to hang pans keys and more. You can look up the sizes on Amazon 
By thom01801 on October 25, 2018
The hook sizes are listed in the description of each. Click on the size and the dimensions will change. The length is approximately double the size of the larger hook. Since the seller is listing in metrics, divide by 2.5 to get inches. 
By Tree Hugger on October 25, 2018
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I'm fairly certain you could. I use the largest opening for the pots and pans and the smaller for hooking to my metal shelves, which have thin rods. I hope this may help you? 
By Darrel Poppino on April 17, 2018
they are on the thin side 
By Julio C. Martinez on April 17, 2018
I don’t see why not...but do it carefully 
By Dr.Mom on April 17, 2018
I think you could bend them. 
By karen on April 17, 2018
No. I tried that. They did not budge. I used mine for pots n pans. I just used the small side for the rod and the wide side for the pots. 
By Amazon Customer on April 17, 2018
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The small size would be best. Anything larger would probaly fit loosely on the oven’s door handle. 
By Amazon Customer on December 10, 2018
I would look for a larger s hook. Your oven handle maybe larger than the hook pictured in your question. 
By JB on December 13, 2018