Pants Hangers - 4 Pack Scarf Hangers S-Type Clothes Pant Hangers Multi-Purpose Pants Hanger Space Saving Non-Slip Closet Organizer for Scarfs Jeans Clothes Trousers Towels

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Brand: LanGui

Color: Black


  • ♕Pants Hangers's Non slip Material - the silky finish dress pants don't slide off.
  • ♕Pants stay securely in Pants Hangers space saving when you are taking another pair off the hanger.
  • ♕Hangers for pants have high quality,pants hangers for closet really help by making extra room in your closet or dresser.
  • ♕Scarf hangers are sturdy enough and pant Hangers non sliphave made organizing your skirts a million times easier.
  • ♕Pants Hangers Closet Organizers are sturdy and takes up way less space in the closet. Scarf hangers for closet helps you save space in your room, so you can store more pants.

Publisher: LanGui Ltd.


S-type Non Slip Hangers

New Design:
Black silicone coating - Non slip & scratch resistance.

Scarf organizer for closet is made up of good quality stainless steek - Make the pants hangers rust free.

Space Saving:
5 Layers - Hang 5 pairs of pants at the same time. Scarf hangers space saving and takes up way less space in the closet.

High Hardness and Strength - Not easy to deform.Scarf hangers for closet fashion

Scarf organizer not only allow you to save space in the cabinet, but also add a neat wardrobe. Closet organizer will save you time to match clothes, and hangers make it easier to find the right clothes. The hangers pants has a soft non-slip cap made of high-quality stainless steel material, so you don't have to worry about rust, pants hangers for closet thas a longer service life.

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Package Dimensions: 15.2 x 13.2 x 1.4 inches