GYMNLJY Pants rack Metal Stainless steel Trousers clip Clothes pin Pants rack Thickened Bold Slacks Hangers£¨pack of 2 group£

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Brand: Gym00


  • Sturdy and not easy to be out of shape
  • Keeping your garments in shape: Extra-wide shoulder prevent the clothing falling down
  • clothing hangers Increases Closet space by as much as 50 percent
  • Adjustable hook allows you to hang it anywhere-clothesline, shower curtain rod, garment rack or shelf
  • Air dry delicates with ease


Details: Product category: trousers rack
Material: stainless steel
Applicable people: for adults
Practical: practical
Features: clips 3600 ¡ã rotation

features: dual-use skid wet and dry wind

instructions: 1. simple 2. putting cleaner 3. home more relaxed

EAN: 6294012651013