Estink Wardrobe Hanger, Lift Pull Down Wardrobe Rail Adjustable Width Wardrobe Clothes Hanging Rail Soft Return Space Saving,Adjustable 19.29-25inch

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Brand: Estink

Color: Silver


  • MATERIAL: This wardrobe rail is mainly made of alumina tube, sturdy and durable, with strong load capacity, max. 10kg.It adopts pneumatic buffer system, the arm will go back to the high place softly.
  • WIDTH ADJUSTABLE: Three sizes to be chosen from: #1: approx. 49-63.5cm / 19.29-25inch; Suitable Wardrobe Inner Width: approx.52.0-67.0cm / 20.47-26.38inch. #2: approx. 60-86cm / 23.62-33.86inch; Suitable Wardrobe Inner Width: approx.67-90cm / 26.38-35.43inch. #3: approx. 82.4-124.5cm / 32.44-49.02inch; Suitable Wardrobe Inner Width: approx.90-122cm / 35.43-48.03inch. The width of tube can be adjusted due to its telescopic design so that it fits wardrobe well.
  • SPACE SAVING: Make full use of the high place which we can't reach to, save space of your closet. It gives the ability to mount the rails higher than can be reached due to the pull down hydraulic system.
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE: Clothes can be hung up in the upper part of the wardrobe, leaving room in the bottom part for racks or shelves with easy putting in and taking out without steps or other aids.
  • PULL DOWN DESIGN: Pull down design makes it easy to hang or take clothes.Pull the arm gently to make the rail in the horizontal position, so you can hang clothes on or pick up conveniently.

Publisher: Estink


This wardrobe rail can be mounted on the inside of wardrobe to make full use of higher space. Pull down design makes it easy to hang or take clothes. High quality product allows 10kg in weight at the most.

Material: Alumina Tube + Plastic
Color: Silver
Width Optional: #1, #2, #3
#1: approx. 49~63.5cm / 19.29~25inch
#2: approx. 60~86cm / 23.62~33.86inch
#3: approx. 82.4~124.5cm / 32.44~49.02inch
Suitable Wardrobe Inner Width: approx.
52.0~67.0cm / 20.47~26.38inch(#1)
67~90cm / 26.38~35.43inch(#2)
90~122cm / 35.43~48.03inch(#3)
Height: approx. 84cm / 33.07inch
Load Capacity: 10KG
Weight: approx. 2455~2560g

Package includes:
1 x Wardrobe Rail Only

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