Coat Hat Rack Stainless Steel Simple Assembly Hangers Landing Creative Racks ( Color : Gold , Size : F )

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Color: Gold


  • Strong solid, modern minimalist design, the use of high-quality thickening material, structural stability, no rust, corrosion resistance, load-bearing ability;
  • Easy to move, can be placed in the living room, study, bedroom, etc., to the best use of space, easy cleaning, complete accessories, assembly simple, but also you a clean and comfortable family environment;
  • Delivery time 10-15 days, due to manual measurement products within 1-2 cm in the measurement error is a normal phenomenon, I hope you understand;
  • Only the sale of clothes rack, the number of products and styles to the first picture as the main, the other pictures are for reference only.
  • Delivery time 10-15 days

Publisher: SYCGLL

Details: Product Name: Clothes hat rack
Whether the assembly: assembly
Product weight: 4.5kg
Carrying weight: 40kg
Color classification: black, white, gold
Style: simple and modern
Structure: stent structure
Material: stainless steel hook, aluminum column, rubber base
Application areas: living room, bedroom, study, restaurants, corridors and so on
Features: Some products can be linked 360 ° rotation, to provide you with more convenient services.
Installation process:
1, the bottom of the interface with a protective cap ③ screws;
2, the bottom of the column and the lower part of the column to undertake docking ring, the central interface using ② screws;
3, on the column and the convex interface at the butt joint waist hook, hook the Ministry of the use of a longer ① screw;
4, install the hook to complete the installation.

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