Tool Storage Solutions

Tool Cabinets and Chests

A 5-drawer tool cabinet.

Consider the following when choosing a tool cabinet or chest:

  • Large-capacity steel cabinets and chests work best in garages and workshops or to store large tool collections.
  • Deep drawers hold bulky tools and accessories. Drawers may be fully extendable or padded to protect tools and prevent them from sliding around.
  • Shallow trays and drawers allow easy access to smaller items such as wrenches.
  • Liners — included with some models or sold separately — help protect the drawers and your tools.
  • Many cabinets and chests offer heavy-duty, lockable casters or wheels. These offer mobility as well as stability when you need it.
  • Integrated, keyed locks help keep your tool collection secure.
  • Look for convenience features, such as surge protectors, lights and even built-in electronics.
  • For even more storage space, look for stationary chests you can stack on matching wheeled cabinets.
  • Color options, such as red, green or black, are available.

Tool cabinets and chests come in many sizes. Know how much space you have available for a new cabinet before you buy.

Tool Boxes

A red tool box with open cantilever trays.

Here are some important tool box considerations:

  • Look for lightweight plastic or durable steel construction.
  • Cantilever trays or bins spread outward when open, giving you a clear view and easy access to the contents.
  • Drawers on larger boxes let you organize your tools for easy access.
  • Some boxes include removeable trays and organizers so you don't need use the entire tool box.
  • Wheeled boxes with handles that extend make it easier to move heavy tools.
  • Lockable lids are available on some models.

Get tips on stocking your tool box. Watch our video: What Should I Put in My Tool Box?

Some tool boxes and tool chest drawer liners are made with a built-in corrosion inhibitor to protect your tools.

Tool Bags

A tool bag with tools.

Remember the following when choosing a tool bag:

  • Padded handles and adjustable shoulder straps improve comfort.
  • Backpack designs give you hands-free portability.
  • Open main compartments offer space for larger tools, such as drills, saws or hammers.
  • Smaller internal and external pockets, loops and trays keep tools and other items organized and easy to find.
  • Zipper closures help protect tools from the elements and keep them contained.
  • Open-mouth designs provide easy access to and visibility of your tools.
  • Bags with wheels and handles that extend make it easier to transport your tools.

Some tool organizers fit over a five-gallon bucket, turning the bucket into a tool tote.

Truck Tool Boxes

A truck tool box.

Think about these points when browsing truck tool boxes:

  • Steel construction provides durability.
  • Aluminum models offer durability and won't rust.
  • Some models span the width of the truck bed, while others run along the sides; use both for maximum storage.
  • Self-lifting shocks make it easy to open the box, even if your hands are full.
  • Lockable lids provide security.
  • Lids with seals help keep moisture and dirt out.

Truck tool boxes are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Make sure you find a model that fits your vehicle.

Hooks and Wall Hangers

A pegboard with hooks and tools.

When designing a pegboard tool storage solution, keep in mind that:

  • The wall-mounted design keeps your tools within easy reach in a crowded garage or work area.
  • Kits that include hooks, hangers and pegboard are easy to reconfigure and rearrange, and can be expanded as your tool collection grows.

See Garage Storage and Organization Ideas for more tips on keeping everything where it belongs.

Other Tool Storage and Organization Ideas

A work bench with tool storage.

Work Benches: These provide a stable surface for your projects; some include storage drawers and trays as well as built-in pegboards for hooks and hangers.

Garage Cabinets: These storage units offer deep drawers, and adjustable shelves are a perfect way to store larger tools and accessories.

Tool Belts: Store your most-used tools using a tool belt with simple buckle-on pockets or belt-and-suspender models that improve the weight distribution of your tools.

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